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Horizon Herald

Current State of The Horizon Herald

The Horizon Herald was announced way back in February but unfortunately so far hasn't come to fruition. The staff team are aware of the delay and have asked from the community's assistance to get the project up and running. Once it is, the wiki will be the place where all adventurers may access their Horizon Herald needs.

In the meantime, please help us out by joining the discussion in this channel of the unofficial wiki discord.

What is The Horizon Herald?

The Horizon Herald is a new way for HorizonXI adventurers and staff to contribute to the community through the submission of HorizonXI and Final Fantasy XI themed articles, blogs, fanfiction, fanart, and other media as well as the sharing of community celebrations and (tasteful) advertisements. Other cool information from staff will also be shared in each issue.

What are the submission guidelines?

Adventurers are allowed unlimited submissions (subject to change) in any of the following categories:

  1. Articles/Blogs/Editorials - Adventurers are responsible for their own fact checking and editing. Subject matter must be FFXI and/or HorizonXI specific.
  2. Fanart - Fanart should match the current theme: Think Spring
  3. Fanfiction - Fanfiction should be FFXI related and NOT include the likenesses of real people.
  4. Celebrations - Celebrations can be shared through plain text or a small graphic. In and out of game celebrations are permitted, but please only use in-game names. Celebrations are limited to two celebrations per person, per issue.
  5. Advertisements - Want to advertise your linkshell, crafting services, or other allowable service? A small graphic or one paragraph text submission is allowed. One advertisement per person, per issue. Multiple ads for the same linkshell will result in only one ad being chosen.
  6. Other media - Other media may be accepted per the CM’s discretion. Just submit through the category that most closely matches your submission.

Please note that all submissions are subject to our server rules. “Rated R” or “adult rated” submissions are not permissible. Outstanding submissions may receive special recognition.

Submission Timeline & Form

Submissions can be accepted by visiting the official Horizon discord server.