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Sea is a player term for the Chains of Promathia content of the Lumoria region. The term may refer to either the region, one of the areas, or the content itself:

  • Lumoria - the region where the "sea" content is located.

The Lumoria region is also home to the endgame content Limbus.

Notorious Monster System

Sea NM System
Pop Hierarchy Chart (high-res for printing)
Pop Location

Absolute Virtue
Jailer of Love


NM Pop method Item stat Noteable drop
Jailer of Temperance Lottery pop - Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi Charisma First Virtue
Jailer of Fortitude Trade 12 Ghrah M Chips to ??? Vitality Second Virtue
Jailer of Faith Trade 1 High-Quality Euvhi Organ to ??? Mind Third Virtue
Jailer of Justice Trade Second Virtue, Deed of Moderation, and High-Quality Xzomit Organ to ??? Strength Fourth Virtue
Jailer of Hope Trade First Virtue, Deed of Placidity and High-Quality Phuabo Organ to ??? Agility Fifth Virtue
Jailer of Prudence Trade Third Virtue, Deed of Sensibility, and High-Quality Hpemde Organ to ??? Intelligence Sixth Virtue
Jailer of Love Trade Fourth Virtue, Fifth Virtue and Sixth Virtue to ??? Dexterity Aura of Adulation (Novio Earring)
Aura of Voracity (Novia Earring)

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