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HENM Speculations

Hyper Empty Notorious Monster or HENM as it's more commonly referred to, is a custom HorizonXI tiered endgame content system HorizonXI specific changes. Adventurers will face increasingly difficult fights as they progress through the tiers and can expect to be rewarded with brand new era+ equipment, crafting items and even ancient currency. Tier one released with the 1.2.1 patch in November 2023. Tier two released with the 1.2.2 patch in June 2024.

It has been speculated that adventurers can expect a further two tiers, however no ETA has been given for these at this time.

How Does it Work

To begin, adventurers must first visit Shady Tonberry in Rabao (E-7) and purchase the tier one pop item Faded Stone. A full alliance of 18 players may participate in each battle and all members must each possess a pop item. These can be taken to the various ???'s found throughout Vana'diel to begin the HENM fight. See the HENM's section below for more information about each one available. Adventurers will be granted the Confrontation status effect for the duration of the fight. Any players outside of the alliance without the confrontation Status cannot assist or participate in the fight. If a fight ends in failure, the group must purchase another pop item from Shady Tonberry. There is no limit to the amount of attempts players can make.

Once a player has cleared a tier one HENM, they will become eligble to purchase a tier two pop item from Shady Tonberry. It has been stated in previous patch notes that a single tier one and a single tier two clear will be required for players to be eligble for tier three, when this tier is released. A player must be able to roll on the rewards from a HENM battle to be considered "cleared". Certain conditions must be met by players to ensure that they remain eligble for the clear:

  • Any Adventurers invited to the party after the fight has begun will not be eligible to cast lots on any loot.
  • If an Adventurer disconnects during the HENM fight, they must click on the same ??? used to pop the HENM to regain their Confrontation Status and rejoin the fight.

Once a player has obtained a clear, they are considered to be on "loot lockout" for that tier. However, this does not prevent adventurers from purchasing further pop items and assisting others with their clears. Please see rewards and loot lockout below for further information.

As of the 1.2.2 patch, HENM fights will lock out all Adventurers who are in the alliance at the start of each encounter, if that encounter is completed successfully. This will happen even if that player is:

  • No longer in the alliance
  • Dead
  • Offline

Rewards & Loot Lockout

HENMs have a special "loot lockout" mechanic which resets with the weekly conquest tally. All players are considered eligble for loot and Cerulean Shards once per tier, per conquest tally. Alliances must ensure that the majority of group members are eligible for loot for the group to receive drops at the end of a fight.

Cerulean Shards are a new type of currency that can be used to purchase items from the Shady Tonberry. They will also be used to upgrade HENM gear when additional tiers are released in the future. Players can expect to receive the following for each tier:

Experience points are exempt from the lockout system and adventurers can expect to receive the following exp rates:

  • Tier 1: 3,000 exp
  • Tier 2: 3,750 exp
  • Tier 3: TBC
  • Tier 4: TBC

See below for notable loot drops or specific HENM pages for a full list of all possible rewards.


Tier 1

Despotic Decapod Ruinous Rocs Sacred Scorpions
Zone: Jugner Forest Rolanberry Fields Sauromugue Champaign
Spawn Positions (F-8) (H-9) (I-5) (E-10) (F-10) (J-8) (F-5) (H-8) (K-9)
Notable Drops
Spawned with Faded Stone (purchased for 50,000 gil from Shady Tonberry

Tier 2

Mammet-9999 Tonberry Sovereign Ultimega
Zone: Misareaux Coast Yhoator Jungle Lufaise Meadows
Spawn Positions (I-6), (F-8), (I-11) (F-10), (H-10), (I-11) (J-7), (J-9), (K-9)
Notable Drops
Spawned with Faded Gem (purchased for 100,000 gil from Shady Tonberry

*Additional HENM tiers will be added as they are ready.