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The Shrouded Land of Dynamis is a parallel dimension that is separated from Vana'diel, and cannot be entered by normal means. It is a dreamworld created by the terrestrial avatar Diabolos, ruler of dreams, to escape from Vana'diel's fate. The Shadow Lord (known as the Dynamis Lord here), the Dark Kindred, the Forlorn Vanguards, Hydra Corps, and several others were all transported to or entered the realm at some point.


Dynamis Areas

Original Dynamis Areas

Dynamis - Windurst Dynamis - San d'Oria Dynamis - Bastok
Dynamis - Jeuno Dynamis - Beaucedine Dynamis - Xarcabard

Dreamworld Dynamis Areas

Dynamis - Valkurm Dynamis - Buburimu Dynamis - Qufim
Dynamis - Tavnazia


How to Enter


The following prerequisites apply to all Dynamis areas:

  1. Level 65 or higher.
  2. Completion of Mission 5-2 for your nation.

After meeting the above requirements, zone into Xarcabard. You will receive a cutscene. Following this, examine one set of Trail Markings to receive another cutscene. The Trail Markings can be found just outside each residential area entrance in Windurst Walls, Southern San d'Oria, Bastok Mines or Ru'Lude Gardens. You do not need to visit them all, one will suffice. You will then receive the Key Item Vial of Shrouded Sand. This Key Item is needed to access to both groups of Dynamis-related services. Additionally, to enter Dynamis - Beaucedine, one must clear Dynamis - Bastok, Dynamis - Windurst, Dynamis - San d'Oria, and Dynamis - Jeuno; and to enter Dynamis - Xarcabard one must clear Dynamis - Beaucedine.

Dreamworld Dynamis

The following prerequisites apply to Dynamis - Valkurm, Dynamis - Buburimu, Dynamis - Qufim, and Dynamis - Tavnazia

  1. Completion of Chains of Promathia Chapter 3-5: Darkness Named.
  2. Additionally, to enter Dynamis - Tavnazia, one must clear the other three dreamworld dynamis areas.

Entering Dynamis

These Goblins also help manage Ancient Currency found in Dynamis.
  • The Timeless Hourglass can then be traded to sets of Trail Markings or Hieroglyphics (depending on area to be entered). This will turn it into a Perpetual Hourglass.
  • From the moment the sands of the Perpetual Hourglass begin to fall, the area of Dynamis corresponding to the location will become reserved.
  • By using the Perpetual Hourglass as an item, the Hourglass will create a copy of itself.
    • This can be used to create an infinite number of Perpetual Hourglasses for other people to enter the same Dynamis area, though only the maximum number specified for that area may actually enter.
  • Once a person trades a Perpetual Hourglass to the markings that slot becomes permanantly reserved for the rest of the run. Once the maximum amount of people have entered a dynamis zone, no others will be allowed entry.
For example, if 64 people enter Dynamis Bastok - only those same characters will be able to use an hourglass to enter the dynamis area, regardless of how many people are currently in the area.
During the reservation period, anyone in possession of the Hourglass (or an Hourglass created from that original Hourglass) can enter that area.
Trading the Perpetual Hourglass to the Trail Markings or Hieroglyphics a second time will teleport the player to the reserved area of Dynamis. If this is your first time entering the area, you will receive a short cutscene.
  • A player who has previously obtained the Key Item Vial of Shrouded Sand and subsequently changed their nation of allegiance is still able to enter Dynamis areas, regardless of their Rank in the new nation.

Rules for Dynamis


Beginning from the exact time the first Perpetual Hourglass is traded to a set of Trail Markings or Hieroglyphics, you will be given exactly one hour (Earth time) in a Dynamis area per reservation, excluding time extensions obtained through defeating certain enemies (these can increase Dynamis time to a maximum of 210 minutes, or three and a half hours). The time your "reservation" expires will always be listed in the item description of each Perpetual Hourglass held.

Time limit warnings will be displayed when 10 minutes and 3 minutes remain. When the time limit expires, all Perpetual Hourglasses created for that session of Dynamis will become void, and all players in the zone will be removed after 30 additional seconds pass. At this point, it is no longer possible to obtain time extensions.


It is possible to leave Dynamis before time has expired. This is typically done by dropping your Perpetual Hourglass or selling it in a Bazaar. Each participant in Dynamis must keep the Perpetual Hourglass in his/her inventory in order to remain in Dynamis; if it is ever dropped or sold, they will be removed from Dynamis after 30 seconds pass, similar to what happens when the time limit on the hourglass expires.

As with all other areas, you may also leave Dynamis by being KO'd and Home Pointing, or through teleporting magic or items (such as Warp or Instant Warp). You may re-enter the same area without restriction as long as time has not expired and you still have a Perpetual Hourglass for that session.


You may re-enter Dynamis before your Perpetual Hourglass expires. After your time in Dynamis has expired, 72 hours (Earth time) must pass since your initial entering before you may enter any Dynamis area again.

  • You can enter Dynamis zones twice per conquest tally HorizonXI specific changes
  • Trading a Perpetual Hourglass to the markings is counted as entering a Dynamis area, even if you do not actually warp inside Dynamis.


Examining the ??? after the boss for the Dynamis area is defeated will grant a Key Item (specific to each Dynamis area) and a title change. After the win, you can check the "Trail Markings" again for another cutscene to progress the story along. Viewing the cutscene is not required.

Experience Points

Experience Points are lost if you are defeated within Dynamis; it is not possible to gain Experience or Limit Points through defeating enemies in these areas, though it is possible to regain Experience Points through using found items that grant it, such as Copies of "Ginuva's Battle Theory" and Copies of "Schultz Stratagems".


100 Pieces In the Original Dynamis areas: 100 pieces only drop from Statues (including the city mega-bosses), Vanguard Eyes, Vanguard Dragons, the NMs killed to spawn Dynamis Lord, and Dynamis Lord himself. Dynamis Lord is very likely to drop one 100, the type of which is random. The Demon NMs used to pop Dynamis lord also have an extremely low chance of dropping a random 100 piece. Statues drop 100 pieces according to their nation of origin, Yagudo drop Jadeshells, Orcs drop Silver pieces, and Quadav drop 100 Byne Bills. Goblin statues, Vanguard Eyes, Vanguard Dragons and Dynamis lord may all drop any of the 3 types.

100 Pieces In CoP Dynamis areas: 100 pieces are again able to drop from Statues and Vanguard Eyes. but the mega bosses of the given area may also rarely drop up to 4 currency of any type at one time once defeated.

  • Mega Bosses in CoP Dynamis drop 1 - 100 piece upon defeat up to 4 currency of any type. HorizonXI specific changes

Shadow Accessories: These items may be obtained if your are able to defeat Dynamis Lord

Relic Armor In the Original Dynamis areas: Relic armor drops from all mobs excluding Statues, Vanguard Eyes and Bosses. Enemies can drop more then one piece of armor of different types at a time. No matter what the job, any enemy may drop any classes armor. (Excluding the Demon NMs in Xarcabard needed to spawn Dynamis Lord, which drop pieces in accordance to their job.)

Relic Armor In CoP Dynamis areas: all NQ AF is obtainable throughout the CoP, Valkurm dropping the lvl 71 armor pieces, Buburimu dropping the lvl 72 pieces, Quifum dropping the lvl 73, and Tavnazia dropping both the lvl 74 (2nd floor) and lvl 75 (3rd floor). NQ armor only drops from Beastmen mobs. in addition to NQ AF, -1 upgrade items can also be attained from any monster in the areas and be used to upgrade the NQs into HQs when traded to Sagheera with the corresponding items and Ancient Currency. Relic accessories drop only from Nightmare creatures and drop according to a specific drop table in each zone.

Also See: Relic Armor +1.
Also See: Relic Accessories.

Hydra Armor: In addition to relic armor and -1 items, Tavnazia also drops Hydra armor as an additional reward for your efforts.

Other Items may also drop that are used for various things including relic weapon upgrades, crafting, and the Strange Apparatus quests.

Also See: Dynamis Items.

Original Dynamis Areas

Maximum Number of Players: 64
Entry Target: Set of Trail Markings
Area Access: Four Key Items, one from each of the initially-available Dynamis areas, are required to enter Dynamis - Beaucedine; A fifth Key Item, obtainable there, is required for entry into Dynamis - Xarcabard.
Expansions Required: Rise of the Zilart

Dreamworld Dynamis Areas

Maximum Number of Players: 36 (Tavnazia: 18)
Entry Target: Set of Hieroglyphics
Area Access: Once prerequisites are met, three additional Dynamis areas become initially available. Dynamis - Tavnazia is unlocked by completing these three.
Expansions Required: Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia
  • As in the existing Dynamis areas, these areas include Relic Armor and Ancient Currency. Items are also found within these areas that are used to "upgrade" existing Relic Armor to +1 versions when traded to Sagheera in Port Jeuno, similar to the Artifact Armor +1 upgrades possible from Limbus.
  • When entering these areas, all players will receive an SJ Restriction Status Effect. This effect will reduce the level of your subjob to "Level 00," effectively disabling its use (similar to the Shattering Stars fights with Maat). You may cause this Status Effect to be removed in Dynamis - Buburimu and Dynamis - Qufim and by finding and checking an ??? found somewhere within the Dynamis area. In Dynamis - Valkurm 3 Nightmare Flies must be defeated to unlock support jobs, while in Dynamis - Tavnazia both the Nightmare Worm and Nightmare Antlion must be defeated to unlock support jobs.


Due to the nature of Dynamis areas, most server communities have taken it upon themselves to create a scheduling system that various linkshells can use to coordinate events. Because Dynamis events generally take a large number of people and a significant amount of time, it can create a bit of conflict if two groups try to enter the same area at the same time. To prevent this, linkshells would communicate their proposed schedule on their respective discord channels.

Historical Background

"Dynamis" is the Greek word which means the "will to fight". It was used to refer to the willpower that kept Greek soldiers in the military formation known as a "phalanx". If the soldiers broke this defensive formation, they would be much more vulnerable to defeat. "Dynamis" is also the "secret" name of the angel Metatron.

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