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Vana'diel contains a number of crafting guilds which players can join in order to craft (or fish) various items. There are also a number of Hobbies which players can utilize to obtain materials to aid in these crafts.



Level Rank Acquired
8-10 Recruit
18-20 Initiate
28-30 Novice
38-40 Apprentice
48-50 Journeyman
58-60 Craftsman
68-70 Artisan
78-80 Adept
88-90 Veteran
98-100 Expert

All crafts start at level 0 and the maximum level is 100. Each 10 level interval has an associated rank, as per the table. To progress to the next rank, crafters much speak to the appropriate NPC from their guild and trade them the requested item. This can be done no earlier than two levels below cap eg. a recruit item can be traded between levels 8-10.

All crafts can be leveled to 60 without limitations. Above 60 crafters have a total of 40 levels to distribute. Most crafters will choose to take their main craft to 100 however some may choose to level two different ones to level 80, 4 different ones to 70 etc. Crafters should be aware that when leveling above 60, decimal places count as whole levels. Eg. if a craft is leveled to 60.1, they will have 39 points remaining, not 39.9. Fishing is the only exception to this rule and can be leveled to 100 regardless of other crafting ranks.

If a crafter wishes to de-level a craft (or skill-up a different one above 60), no special action needs to be taken. Once you hit the 40 level limit, further skill-ups will de-level other crafts automatically. Its currently unknown which craft will be de-leveled so caution should be taken if you have multiple crafts above 60. Finally it's generally recommended to NOT trade in rank-up items at level 60. An unintentional skill-up to 60.1 can and will de-level a level 100 craft!

ASB Warning

All figures listed below have come from the ASB code. It's generally assumed that HorizonXI follows this for the purposes of crafting but with the code being closed source, it's impossible to say for 100%. Please update the link below to the direct page that these crafting figures can be found, if you can locate them.


When skilling-up, crafters will find that:

  • Between the levels of 0-49.9 they have a 60% chance of a skill-up per successful synth.
  • Between the levels of 50-99.9 they have a 25% chance of a skill-up per successful synth.
  • Above level 60, they may only receive 0.1 skill-ups at a time.
  • Breaks can yield skill-ups providing your actual skill level is within 5 levels of the recipes cap.
  • Desynthesis can yield skill-ups providing you are within 3 levels of the recipes cap. Additionally, skill-up rates are cut in half.

Synthesis Support

Crafters may find that Synthesis Image Support to be useful in skilling-up. The free version provides a temporary +1 to your crafting skill and the paid version provides +3. This support can prove to be invaluable when skilling-up. The closer to a recipes cap you are, the higher your success rate and thus skill-up chance will be.

Crafting Equipment Support

Once a crafter achieves the Novice rank, they may start earning guild points. Each guild has 3 different items that may be purchased with these point, each increasing your skill by 1 point (cooking being the exception with the item Hocho providing an extra +3).

Success Rates

Synthesis - Below Cap

Level Range Success Rate HQ Rate
-10 5% 0.06%Verification Needed
-9 5%
-8 15%
-7 25%
-6 35%
Level Range Success Rate HQ Rate
-5 45% 0.06%Verification Needed
-4 55%
-3 65%
-2 75%
-1 85%

Synthesis - Above Cap

Level Range Success Rate HQ Rate
Tier 0
(0 - 10)
95% 1.5%
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3


Level Range Success Rate HQ Rate
-4 and below 5% Verification Needed 47% Verification Needed
-3 15% Verification Needed 47% Verification Needed
-2 25% Verification Needed 47% Verification Needed
-1 35% Verification Needed 47% Verification Needed
Tier 0
45% Verification Needed 50% Verification Needed
Tier 1
53% Verification Needed
Tier 2
56% Verification Needed
Tier 3
59% Verification Needed

Guild Points

To be written.


  • There is no correlation between HQ rates and day, moon phase, direction, or any of the other voodoos various crafters have come up with over the years.


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