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The Horizon Adventuring Assistance Program or HAAP (not to be confused with HARP) for short is a custom Horizon rewards program HorizonXI specific changes. It's aim is to encourage adventurers who have already completed certain missions and other quests, to help those who have not. In other words, help must be given to an Adventurer who has yet to complete that mission or quest.

By assisting others, HAAP Points will be earned which can then be exchanged for various rewards, including some cosmetic items. To become eligible to earn HAAP Points, adventurers must first visit HAAP.I at Selbina (H-8).

How to Obtain HAAP Points

HAAP Points are awarded upon the completion of certain content which have a BCNM type fight attached to them. The points are awarded at the point of the successfully beating the BCNM. For example, if a player wishes to help a friend complete nation mission 2-3, to earn HAAP points they need to defeat the dragon only. They do NOT need to complete all the cut-scenes etc. on the build-up to the fight.

Below is a table of all the known ways of obtaining the points.

Nation Missions Type HAAP Points
City Mission 2-3 Dragon fight
Bastok, San d'Oria, Windurst
Mission 2
City Mission 5-1
Bastok, San d'Oria, Windurst
Mission 2
City Mission 5-2
Bastok, San d'Oria, Windurst
Mission 4
City Mission 6-2
Mission 2
City Mission 7-2
Bastok, San d'Oria
Mission 2
City Mission 9-2
San d'Oria, Windurst
Mission 4
Bastok Mission 9-2
Mission 2
Zilart Missions Type HAAP Points
ZM 4
The Temple of Uggalepih
Mission 2
ZM 6
Through the Quicksand Caves
Mission 2
ZM 8
Return to Delkfutt's Tower
Mission 2
ZM 14
Ark Angels
Mission 5
(1 per fight)
ZM 16
Nexus Fight
Mission 4
CoP Missions Type HAAP Points
CoP 1-3
Promyvion Dem, Holla, Mea
Mission 2 & 1500xp
CoP 2-5
Ancient Vows
Mission 4
CoP 3-5
Darkness Named
Mission 2 & 1000xp
CoP 4-2
The Savage
Mission 2 + 1500 XP
CoP 5-2
Promyvion Vahzl
(Final BCNM, not climb or boss fights during climb)
Mission 6
CoP 5-3
Ulmia's Path
(Head Wind + Flames for the Dead)
Mission 2 (Mithras) + 2 (Snoll)
CoP 5-3
Louverance's Path
(Past Sins)
Mission 2
CoP 5-3
Tenzen's Path
(Flames for the Dead)
Mission 2
CoP 6-4
One to be Feared
Mission 2 and 1500xp
CoP 7-5
The Warrior's Path
Mission 2
CoP 8-3
The Garden of Ru'Hmet
Mission 4
CoP 8-4
Mission 2
Quests Type HAAP Points
Apocalypse Nigh Quest 2
Divine Might Quest 6
Storms of Fate Quest Verification Needed
Tango with a Tracker Quest 4
The Holy Crest
DRG Unlock
Quest Verification Needed
SMN AF1 Weapon
The Puppet Master
Quest 0
SMN AF2 Fight
Class Reunion
Quest 2
Carbuncle Debacle
Quest 4 (2 for each BCNM)
SAM AF3 Fight
A Thief in Norg!?
Quest 2

HAAP Point Rewards

Adventurers may exchange their HAAP Points for rewards by speaking to HAAP.I at Selbina (H-8). Please note that some rewards offered have weekly purchase limits.

Item HAAP Point Price Weekly Limit
Beastmen's Seal 1 10
Kindred's Seal 2 5
Ginuva's Battle Theory 1 3
Schultz Stratagems 2 2
Dragon Chronicles 2 1
Miratete's Memoirs 4 1
Aern Axe II 250 1
Aern Spear II 250 1
Aern Dagger II 250 1
Aern Staff II 250 1
Aern Sword II 250 1
Raptor Mount 400 1
Tiger Mount 400 1
Carbie Cap 1500 1
Fenrir Mount 2500 1

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