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Wiki News

This section is a dedicated space to contribute any HorizonXI Wiki news. Editors are free to add any topics they feel are news-worthy and if they feel it also belongs on the main page news section, should bring it to the Wiki discord for further discussion. Please follow the formatting style already in use.


March 18th

  • A new Auction House search feature has recently been added to the Wiki. Clicking on the little AH icon shown under any item pages' "How to Obtain - AH" section will take you directly to the HorizonXI website for that item and it's AH listings. You will also need to be logged into the HorizonXI website to view the listings.

AH Search HorizonXI Website.png

February 25th

  • A new search function has been added to the Wiki for monster item drop rates as well as steal-able items; it may also be used to see new pages aka 'red links' to create/work-on. Some custom horizon mobs still need to be added, see more here.
  • Try it Here. Try searching an item first or a monster until you get familiar.

January 14th

  • We've been working on a revamp of the HorizonXI Wiki discord server and this has finally been complete. The next time you visit, you will be welcomed with a brand new welcome section. Please read it thoroughly and react at the bottom to unlock the rest of the server. If you have never visited the discord before, the editors it use it extensively to communicate all things Wiki, to collaborate on projects and try to get as much of the wider community's insight as possible.

You can find the server here.


November 17th

  • With the help of the much loved Harvest Festival and the continuing growth of the Wiki, we've yet again set a new record. Over the month of October, the Wiki had an overall visitor count of 38k and a pageview count of 180k! This blows away our previous best of 146k! A massive thank you goes out to all of our Wiki editors for making the Wiki the fantastic resource it is and an equally massive thank you to you, our Wiki users, for choosing our Wiki!

October 29th

  • Today we've hit the milestone of having 5k content pages on the Wiki! To think the server only started in late December last year this is one hell of an achievement and a massive thank you is in order to all of our amazing editors and contributors. Here's to the next 5k pages!
  • With ToAU now on the Horizon, our editors have begun work it's associated pages. The content on them will be hidden for now until the the ToAU patch 2.0 finally lands.
  • A really handy template has been added called {{Preview Only Infobox}}. Editors may begin to see this appear in "page previews" when editing and it gives useful information on how to fill out a template. Editors can feel free to add it to any templates they think it might be useful on too.
  • Several new table styles have been added and our editors have been hard at work converting exising pages and adding new ones with the updated styles. These changes can be found in "mob, NM and dropped by" tables, to name a few.

September 28th

  • This page has been created and the news section on the main page has been condensed down into smaller snippets, containing only the most important headlines.
  • All White Mage, Black Mage and Bard spells are in. Job pages getting a refresh and better mobile functionality! Artifact Armor & +1 and Relic Armor & +1 images needed!
  • The Tagging Out of Era Content project is largely complete and very much active! Visit the page for further info.

August 22nd

  • Hello adventurers! We would like to share a really useful wiki update we've had today. The Horizon era+ changes tag era+ changes will now appear like this! now provides a tooltip when hovered over. We've only just implemented this feature so going forward you will start to find more and more era+ change information available when hovering over this tag. Large thanks to Aramachus for this update!

July 10th

  • The chocobo digging section is now considered complete! Hopefully it's a great resource for all the Horizon diggers out there. We do still need digging results data however, so if you wish to contribute your own, please reach out on the wiki discord.

June 27th

  • We have added in a few new sections: Tech Support and Ashita Support, both of which can be found in the nav-bar. We have scraped through discord and compiled as much information for tech support and started to work on the Ashita section too. We welcome any members of our community to add to these pages as your experiences of fixing issues, addon support etc will be a great help.
  • We've also started to work on Editing Guidelines. While everyone is encounraged to edit the wiki, we also would like a wiki that's functional and easy to use. We don't ask a lot of editors but please keep an eye on the page for upcoming updates on what we do ask.

June 9th

  • After the big livestream reveal, we now have a functioning relic weapons page with all of HorizonXI's era+ changes included.
  • The majority of the area pages have been added with the vast majority of work coming from Dejey!
  • The xp party camps page while being a constant work in progress has recently had a major overhaul and looks great! Thanks to everyone who contributes to that page, however big or small.

May 4th

  • We have moved! Having left Fandom behind we have made the switch to MediaWiki. A massive thanks has to go out to Hugin for making this happen.

Earlier in the Year

  • Every single mission can now be found on the wiki.
  • The wiki now has it's own discord server for further wiki related discussion. See the widget in the right-hand toolbar for an invite link (you may need to disable some browser extensions to make it show).