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Welcome to the Official HorizonXI Wiki!

Welcome to the HorizonXI Wiki!

HorizonXI Wiki

Welcome to the HorizonXI Wiki, the official Wiki for the level 75 cap, 'Era+' private FFXI server, HorizonXI (link to site). The server is currently based upon the Chains of Promathia era but with some custom balancing changes, new exp camps etc. A list of discovered changes can be found via the Horizon Changes page and for a list of content outside the current era, check the Out of era page.

The wiki is endorsed but not maintained by HorizonXI staff. The Fandom Wiki has not been supported since May 2023.

Editing the HorizonXI Wiki

Anyone looking to help edit the HorizonXI Wiki, please refer to the Editing Guidelines page for further information. All edits are appreciated, however large or small. For further assistance, please visit the HorizonXI Wiki discord server.

About HorizonXI

HorizonXI launched on December 17th 2022 in the "Chains of Promathia" era and provides its adventurers with a level 75 era+ experience that maintains the spirit of Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) as if SquareEnix had continued to develop the game without ever having raised the level cap above 75. For further information about the server, please visit the official website found here.


AirSkyBoat is the code base that HorizonXI uses as a base for the server code. You can find their repository on GitHub by clicking on this link.

ASB is always looking for people to contribute as well. You can learn more by checking out their discord here or apply to join the HorizonXI/AirSkyBoat Team by filling out an application in the HorizonXI Discord and checking out this channel.

HorizonXI Wiki News

This section contains the most recent and important snippets of HorizonXI Wiki news. For a full list of all previous Wiki news, please visit the Wiki News page.


  • How to Obtain - AH sections now link directly to their AH listings.
  • New Wiki feature - ASB Search. Check it out now!
  • The HorizonXI Wiki discord has had a revamp! Check it out here!.