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Officially called Orb Battles, Kindred Seal Notorious Monster (KSNM) events are a special type of arena battle in which adventurers fight a specific mob or group of mobs. They are great ways to have fun and earn powerful items in the world of Vana'diel.

These events are accessed by trading a specific orb to the entrance of a Burning Circle. These orbs can be obtained by trading Kindred's Seals to Shami (in Port Jeuno).

Only one person needs an orb to enter the battle.
Food does not wear off upon entering.
In the event of a K.O., all TP accumulated is reset to zero within a KSNM.
Additionally, in the event of a party wipe, the party has 3 minutes to reraise or all members get kicked out.


Level Orb/(Seals) Name Zone Maximum Members Time Limit
No Level Restriction Atropos Orb

(30 Kindred's Seals)

Contaminated Colosseum Horlais Peak 6 members 30 minutes
Infernal Swarm Qu'Bia Arena
Moa Constrictors Balga's Dais
Prehistoric Pigeons Waughroon Shrine
The Scarlet King Oracles Chamber
Clotho Orb

(30 Kindred's Seals)

Cactor Sauve Oracles Chamber
Come Into My Parlor Qu'Bia Arena
Copycat Waughroon Shrine
Double Dragonian Horlais Peak
Seasons Greetings Balga's Dais
Lachesis Orb

(30 Kindred's Seals)

E-vase-ive Action Qu'Bia Arena
Eye of the Storm Oracles Chamber
Operation Desert Swarm Waughroon Shrine
Royale Ramble Balga's Dais
Today's Horoscope Horlais Peak
Themis Orb

(99 Kindred's Seals)

Early Bird Catches the Wyrm Balga's Dais 18 members
Horns of War Horlais Peak
The Hills Are Alive Waughroon Shrine
Cloud Evoker Ouryu Cometh Riverne - Site A01 60 minutes
Monarch's Orb

(And Whisper of the Wyrmking for Every Entering Member)

The Wyrmking Descends Riverne - Site B01

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