Patch Notes: June 15th 2024

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Hyper Empty Notorious Monster (“HENM”) Tier 2

HENM Tier 2 fights have been added. This includes:

With support from: (Kanryu + Beasty)

  • For the avoidance of doubt, please find a summary of the HENM entrance and lockout systems below, which is relevant now that a new tier has been added. Please note that Tiers 3 and 4 will be released in future patches:

HENM Pop Item Purchase Rules
Tiers 1-3: To purchase a pop item from a tier, you only need a single clear from each prior tier.

  • Tier 1 Example: No clears are needed to purchase Tier 1 pops.
  • Tier 2 Example: A single Tier 1 clear is needed to purchase Tier 2 pops.
  • Tier 3 Example: A single Tier 1 and Tier 2 clear are needed to purchase Tier 3 pops.

Tier 4: To purchase a Tier 4 pop, you need to have cleared all 9 prior fights.

HENM Participation Rules
Tiers 1-3: To participate in a fight from Tier 1-3, you must simply join a group where an Adventurer who is able to purchase a pop trades the pop item. However, skipping to Tier 2 for instance without doing Tier 1 that week will lock you out from participating in Tier 1 until the next weekly conquest reset.

Tier 4: You must have a single clear from Tier 1, 2 and 3 to participate. The pop item purchaser must have all 9 prior clears. Clearing Tier 4 puts you on a three (3) real life week cooldown from doing Tier 4 again, and resets all clears for all Adventurers in the alliance.

New HENM Lockout Rules
HENM fights will now lock out all Adventurers who are in the alliance at the start of each encounter if that encounter is completed successfully. This will happen even if that player is:

  • No longer in the alliance
  • Dead
  • Offline
Developer Commentary: More HENM fights have been added. Not much else to say on this one except we look forward to watching Adventurers clash with these bosses. Here is a sneak peak at Tier 3 which is currently being worked on.

Horizon Adventuring Assistance Program (“HAAP”) (Hookstar)

Adventurers who have already completed missions and other quests can earn a new type of currency called “HAAP Points” that can be traded for various rewards, including cosmetics. To earn HAAP Points, help must be given to an Adventurer who is currently on that mission or quest when it is completed. In other words, help must be given to an Adventurer who has yet to complete that mission or quest. To become eligible to earn HAAP Points, please visit HAAP.I in Selbina at (H-8). Please note that some rewards offered by HAAP.I have weekly purchase limits.


The following Dynamis zones have had their average ancient currency yields lowered by roughly eight percent (8%) - (Aerec):

  • Dynamis-San d’Oria
  • Dynamis-Bastok
  • Dynamis-Windurst
  • Dynamis-Jeuno

The following Dynamis zones have had their average ancient currency yields increased by roughly sixty percent (60%) - (Aerec):

  • Dynamis-Qufim
  • Dynamis-Valkurm
  • Dynamis-Buburimu

Any Dynamis zone not listed above has not had its ancient currency yield adjusted.

Developer Commentary: By making these changes, we are hoping to encourage players to engage more with Chains of Promathia Dynamis zones. The design principle here is to reward players who expend more effort to clear harder zones with a greater ancient currency yield. Ideally, this will lead players to feel rewarded when they work harder to clear more difficult content while also easing Dynamis congestion. Please note that these changes are subject to ongoing review, and may be revised in the future.


The “Eco-Warrior” series of quests have received the following adjustments (Aerec):

  • Adventurers must now clear all three (3) Eco-Warrior quests before they can repeat an Eco-Warrior quest in a particular nation.
  • For example, if Billy completes Eco-Warrior (San d’Oria), he must also complete Eco-Warrior (Bastok) and Eco-Warrior (Windurst) before he can complete Eco-Warrior (San d’Oria) again. This cycle then repeats.

The rewards of all Eco-Warrior quests have been adjusted in the following manner:

  • Previously, upon completing an Eco-Warrior quest, Adventurers would receive: (1) 8,000 Experience Points (“EXP”); (2) 10,000 gil; and (3) Page from the Dragon Chronicles.
  • Now, instead of receiving the 8,000 EXP upon completion, Adventurers will obtain a new item called “Tale of the Wandering Heroes”.
  • Tale of the Wandering Heroes is a usable item that bestows the following effects:

  • Effect: Seventy-five percent (75%) dedication effect, similar to EXP rings
  • This effect’s total EXP granted is denoted in the signature of the item (10,000 EXP)
  • Duration: Twenty-four (24) hours

All other prior Era+ rewards from the Eco-Warrior quest lines remain the same.

Developer Commentary: This change is being made for multiple reasons. Firstly, the large amount of EXP granted by Eco-Warrior upon completion detracted from the ‘Party First’ mentality of the era FFXI leveling experience HorizonXI seeks to promote, especially at lower levels. Rather than reducing the rewards of Eco-Warrior, we have converted the EXP previously granted into an item that encourages party based leveling. Players can then hold this item and use it whenever they choose. Secondly, this also prevents Adventurers from potentially losing out on EXP when part of the previous Eco-Warrior EXP reward was lost due to over-leveling. Finally, we received feedback that players who were not choosing Eco-Warrior (San d'Oria) were struggling to complete their quests, and the new quest rotation mechanic will alleviate this issue.


  • The weaponskill “Final Heaven” has had its Weapon Skill Secondary Attribute Modifier (“WSC”) increased. (Aerec)
  • The “Haste” buff provided by the Blood Pact: Ward “Hastega” is now the same value as the magic spell “Haste”. This means the two will be interchangeable and can overwrite each other. (Aerec)


  • Level one (1) monsters will no longer drop Beastmen’s Seals. (Aerec)
Developer Commentary: This change is being made for a multitude of reasons, but the primary reason is to enhance the leveling experience of new Adventurers. With level one (1) monsters being a common target for those hunting Beastmen’s Seals, this can have a negative impact on new Adventurers who are trying to level rather than farm seals. Accordingly, this change was crafted in such a way as to preserve seal farming but ensure the new player experience is impacted as little as possible.
  • The Notorious Monster (“NM”) Highwind has had its level reduced to prevent skilling up, as this was unintended. (Aerec)
  • The level of the Gigas merit camp in Uleguerand Range has been lowered to reduce the overall EXP per hour as it was higher than intended. (Aerec)

Burning Circle Notorious Monster (“BCNM”)

  • The spell “Enlight” will now drop from all of the following BCNMs at a rate of 15%: (Aerec + Tiberon)
    • Undying Promise
    • Royal Jelly
    • Royal Succession
  • All scrolls have been removed from the BCNM “Under Observation” and replaced with items that fetch reasonable amounts of gil from vendor NPCs. (Aerec)
Developer Commentary: This change was made to both increase the value of running Under Observation and return value to the scrolls that used to be popular ways for Adventurers to make money. (Aerec’s note: I have sent all scrolls on the AH that came from this BCNM previously back to the sellers.)
  • The item “Shikaree Ring” has been replaced with the item “Archer’s Ring” in the BCNM “Royal Jelly”. (Aerec)


  • The following NPCs will no longer sell the item “Bunch of Kazham Peppers” (Aerec):
    • Zoby Quhyo - Port Bastok (J-7)
    • Nimia - Port San d'Oria (G-8)
    • Fomina - Windurst Waters (D-8)
    • The NPC vendor value of the item “Dragon Cuisses” (both NQ and HQ versions) has been corrected. (Aerec)
  • The item “Rogue's Bonnet +1” has been adjusted to have the following stats: (Aerec)
  • The item “Vaulter’s Ring” should now work properly and apply the correct stats displayed on the DAT. (Aerec)

Non-Player Characters (“NPCs”)

  • The NPC “Conrad” has decided to stretch his legs, and has returned to his era position in Metalworks. (Aerec)

Harvesting, Excavation, Logging, Mining (“HELM”)

  • The rate of obtaining the item “Elm Log” when logging in Misareaux Coast has been lowered. (Aerec)
  • The rate of obtaining the item “Oak Log” when logging in Misareaux Coast has been increased. (Aerec)
  • The rate of obtaining the item “Handful of Wyvern Scales” when excavating in Attohwa Chasm has decreased. (Aerec)
  • The rate of obtaining the item “Chicken Bone” when excavating in Attohwa Chasm has been increased. (Aerec)
Developer Commentary: After reviewing HELM data for a long period, these adjustments were made to bring certain HELM activities in certain zones in line with other HELM activities for the sake of economic balance. We will continue to monitor HELM and make adjustments as needed in future patches.


  • The "Moghancement: Fishing" key item that provided a fishing skill bonus is now labeled "Moghancement: Fishing Skill" for clarity. (Hugin; Suggested by Ensizzle)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the names of several mislabeled mobs in Bostaunieux Oubliette. (Hugin)
  • Corrected the bars/timers for the cast times of several spells. (Hugin)

Notorious Monster Timers

  • All NM / HNM Timers have been reset as in era during patches!


  • New Crafting Recipes have been added. (Aerec)