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Level Sync

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What is a "Level Sync"?

Level Sync is a party leader-activated system whereby the level of all party members is restricted to that of a designated player. When this feature is activated, all members of the party will be able to receive an amount of experience points corresponding to the level of the designee, regardless of any initial disparity between them.

The following conditions apply to the Level Sync system:

  • Level Sync will remain in effect only within the area in which it is activated, and will automatically be deactivated for all members should either the party leader or the designee leave the area. For all other players jumping to new areas, synchronization will be deactivated only for themselves.
Activating Level Sync will cause the status enhancement effects of all party members to be nullified.

Since status effects such as Invisibility, Sneak, Protect, and Shell are canceled, please exercise caution when activating Level Sync, or when joining a party where the feature is presently active.

Activating a Level Sync

Only the party leader can activate and deactivate Level Sync. Other players wishing to cancel their own synchronization can do so simply by leaving the party.

1) Form a party.

2) From the main menu, select "Party," and then "Level Sync."

Level Sync cannot be activated under the following circumstances:

  • The designee's level is below 10.
  • The designee is unable to gain further experience points.
  • The designee is in a different area than the party leader.
  • One or more party members currently have other level restrictions in place.
  • One or more party members are participating in activities such as Ballista, Brenner, Besieged, or Campaign.

3) Select synchronization designee.

Doing so will cause all other party members' levels to be restricted to that of the designee. Players whose levels are lower than the designee will receive no adjustments. A red marker within the party status window identifies the player to whom the party's level is being synchronized.

The Level Sync status icon will then appear on each individual party member's screen, along with a status icon being displayed on the left side of each PC's name.

Please be aware of the following when engaging Level Sync:

  • Skills cannot be increased beyond the maximum value for the player's restricted level while Level Sync is in effect.
  • The "/anon" console command cannot be used while Level Sync is in effect. If the player is already anonymous at the time Level Sync is engaged, it will be deactivated.
  • All pets other than wyverns will vanish when Level Sync is activated. Any monsters charmed by a beastmaster will be released with enmity intact, so care should be taken to ask them to "Leave" before activating Level Sync.
  • Level Sync affects only party members. It has no effect on alliance members, nor can an alliance member be appointed as a Level Sync designee.
  • The ability to ride chocobos is determined by the player's original level and unaffected by Level Sync.
  • Unlike other forms of level restriction, the effects of abilities such as "Level 5 Petrify" are also based on the player's original level.

Joining a Level Sync Party

Level Sync will activate immediately for players in the same area as the party leader upon joining. Players in different areas will not undergo synchronization until they enter the area of the party leader.

Provided all conditions are met, Level Sync will go into effect instantly and automatically, so players seeking to join a Level Sync party should be aware of the party leader's location and the situation around them.

Deactivating Level Sync

Only the party leader can deactivate Level Sync. From the main menu, select "Party," then "Lvl. Sync Off." There will be a countdown period of thirty seconds, after which Level Sync will be deactivated for all party members simultaneously.

The following conditions will cause Level Sync to disengage automatically, for either all or individual party members.

  • The party leader disbands the party.
  • The designee leaves the party.
  • The party leader or designee leaves the area.
  • You leave the Level Sync party.
  • You change areas (your level will be readjusted should you return to the party's area while Level Sync is still in place).
  • The designee's level falls below level 10.
  • Either the party leader or designee is the target of the spell "Tractor."
  • Any member of the party takes on another level restriction, or partakes in an event such as Besieged or Campaign.

Experience while under the effects of Level Sync HorizonXI specific changes

While Level Sync is active, players will receive 100% of the experience points they are eligible to obtain at their reduced level, except when the level between the designee and individual are greater than 10. The EXP penalty is individualized to the party member specifically, meaning that a level 30 party member will not incur an exp penalty on the rest of the party if the level sync is level 10. Once you have a level difference of level 11 or above, you will incur a flat 1.5%, 2.00%, or 2.5% penalty depneind on the current server population. The penalty will not go beyond 50% of gained experience. It should be noted that, even though the penalty starts at 11, you will still need to count the difference from your level to theirs.


  • [Your level] - [Designee's level] = [Difference], then [Difference] x [1.5].
  • [Your level] - [Designee's level] = [Difference], then [Difference] x [2.0].
  • [Your level] - [Designee's level] = [Difference], then [Difference] x [2.5].
    • current level sync penalty range will be displayed on the Horizon Website.

It should be noted that you can still acquire limit points under the effect of a level sync, which abide by the aforementioned rules regarding the difference in level to the level sync.

Level Difference 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34
Percentage Reduction under 1000            16.5% 18% 19.5% 21% 22.5% 24% 25.5% 27% 28.5% 30% 31.5% 33% 34.5% 36% 37.5% 39% 40.5% 42% 43.5% 45% 46.5% 48% 49.5% 50.00%
Percentage Reduction Over 1000 under 2000 22% 24% 26% 28% 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 48% 50%
Percentage Reduction Over 2000            27.5% 30% 32.5% 35% 37.5% 40% 42.5% 45% 47.5% 50%

If any of the following situations occur, the party will not gain experience:

  • The designee is unconscious when an enemy is defeated.
  • The designee is too far from the battle to receive experience.
  • The designee has not completed their limit break quest and is unable to gain further experience.

The amount of experience lost when rendered unconscious will be based upon the player's level after Level Sync is in place.Verification Needed

Should the level sync either level down, or up, the sync will adjust to fit their new status. If they level down, the level sync also goes down. If they level up, the level sync also goes up.

Level Display

Whenever a Level Sync or any other level restriction is in effect, the player's actual level and experience point values can still be viewed via the "Status" option under the main menu.

Regarding Equipment

Any equipment that is above the level of the sync'd player will be forcibly unequipped. If you are level 30, wearing level 30 gear, and level sync to a level 20, your level 30 gear will be forced off. The highest level gear you can equip is of the level that matches the sync in question. In this example, you may not wear gear that is above level 20.

Attributes affected by level restrictions

Damage / Defense / HP / MP / Status / Accuracy / Attack / Ranged Accuracy / Ranged Attack / Magic Accuracy / Magic Attack / Evasion / Enmity / Healing HP / Healing MP

The above attributes will be adjusted to the level of the character after the level restriction is in place.

Regarding Level Capped Zones HorizonXI specific changes

As of patch 1.2, level capped zones follow the same rules as uncapped zones for determining any exp penatly relative to the zone's cap.

For example, if you are in Riverne - Site B01, which is a level 50 capped zone, and you are level 65, you will receive exp as normal for being 15 levels above the cap. Note, the penalty still depends on population as above.

Prior to 1.2, you would not receive exp if you were more than 10 levels above the zone's cap in order to prevent people using the level capped area as an infinite level sync.